Fire Roasted Red Pepper
A distinctive chickpea and tahini (sesame seed paste) hummus, complemented by the smokiness of roasted red peppers that sparks an explosion of flavors in every bite. A fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, our hummus is great as a sandwich spread, scooped with crackers, or paired with vegetable sticks.
Zesty Mixed Herbs
A twist on the classic chickpea and tahini (sesame seed paste) hummus recipe, infused with the aromatic notes of earthy/lemony thyme. Crafted using authentic Middle Eastern ingredients, our hummus is perfect as a delicious and healthy appetizer or as a dip for crackers, vegetables or grilled meats.
mezete story
We are proud of our Jordanian heritage, and we want to share the wonders of Middle Eastern cuisine with the world. Our company commitment since inception in 1926 is to create only truly authentic recipes, made with love and only the finest plant-based ingredients. And thanks to our unique UHT production technology, it means these delicious foods are preservative free and safe to store for longer, all around the world. Mezete was created to bring the healthy and delicious foods of the Middle East to you – to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Sahtain!